2014-2015 School Year at UGOT Active Kids!

As leaves are changing color and weather is getting cooler, we can’t be more excited to start the new school year. Our instructors and thousands of children are waiting to get started on practicing new dance moves, mastering challenging Yoga poses or experimenting with new percussion sounds.

The annual instructor meeting took place at the Central Toronto Office on September 5th. It was inspiring to see our talented instructors full of energy and motivation to get back into classrooms where they will facilitate workshops or curriculum classes, creating fun and unforgettable experiences for our students.

The annual meeting was a huge success; the agenda was to focus on the new developments such as company’s focus on providing programs for childcare centers, the launch of Active Toddlers Program, and the new and improved internal processes and tools to help our instructors be more efficient and in sync with the overall company programs and objectives. The meeting was wrapped up with instructor awards. Three of our instructors were presented with certificates for outstanding performance as well as getaway gift certificates, courtesy of Randall Munger and Creemore House Inn. Congratulations to Ashley Jones, Jeanette Hedley, and Kaylan Shearer for their achievement!


Picture 012Teachers_Winners


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