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Yoga @ Work for Fitness and Team Building!

UGOT Active Kids Presents YOGA AT WORK designed to bring the benefits of Yoga practice into your workplace. Let us create a custom ONSITE Yoga program that will improve employee morale and productivity while promoting optimal health and harmony. Our instructors are Yoga experts with impressive credentials, training and a wealth of experience.

There are many benefits to our YOGA AT WORK PROGRAM including:

  • Improved energy and focus, leading to a boost in performance levels
  • Creating a sense of teamwork and connectedness
  • Reduced stress, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Improved decision making, creativity, and productivity

We will be happy to create a custom program based on your budget, schedule, and space:

  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes to one-time events
  • Flexible scheduling (early mornings, lunch time, or after-work arrangements)
  • Variety of programs to work with your space (try our Chair Yoga series if space is limited!)

YOGA AT WORK provides a convenient and affordable way for your employees to be healthier and happier.

Contact us today to see how YOGA AT WORK can help you revitalize your workforce!

Phone Inquiries: 888-224-7774 ext.229

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New! Online Interactive Classes

UGOT Active Kids is now offering real-time interactive programs streamed directly into classrooms. Children have fun interacting with their instructor and seeing themselves in real time on the screen.


Children learn to enjoy the benefits of physical movement while getting introduced to the elements from the common core subjects. Lesson plans are supported by themed backgrounds, music, and storytelling.


Our most experienced and popular instructors are now available anywhere, anytime, regardless of location. Our consistent and high-quality programs are delivered by the dynamic and talented instructional faculty, with every instructor handpicked for their extensive professional training, impressive credentials, and ability to deliver exciting, engaging, and high-energy classes.


Equipment is set up and tested in less than an hour by a staff member or UAK representative. The only requirement is a hi-speed Internet connection.

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Little Good Sport

The UGOT Active Kids Little Good Sport program is designed next to our School Aged Good Sport program which offers kids an opportunity to be involved in sports activities following/during school hours. The program was inspired by the Teaching Games for Understanding model of teaching to ensure maximum enjoyment for the children involved. By utilizing aspects of the TGfU model throughout this program, we will teach children vital life skills such as teamwork, communication, and decision-making; as well as specific skills and tactics about a wide variety of sports such as defense, offense, moving into open space, etc.

The goal throughout the lessons in this program is to teach the children about sports and sports skills in a non-traditional format. The model of this program layout provides a fun, inclusive, and diverse process to teach kids the same skills that is designed in a way where many primary sports are being taught, without being taught. For our Little Good Sport Program, our biggest goal is to just always keep them moving and busy to develop an early love and appreciation for physical activity. By the end of their lessons, we want to have children understand a variety of different sports, tactics, rules, and life skills that will encourage them to live an active, healthy lifestyle being involved in physical activity outside of the physical education classroom.

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