Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by parents and school administrators. UGOT Active Kids is happy to provide additional information on these or other questions you might have.

What does UGOT Active Kids do and how long has the company been around?

UGOT Active Kids was established in 2008. We provide childcare centers and schools with convenient access to original arts and fitness programs designed for children 1.5 to 12 years old. Our programs seamlessly integrate into regular programming while adding excitement and providing an opportunity for children to blossom under company’s non-competitive and all-inclusive teaching methods. 

What kind of programs does UGOT Active Kids offer?

We offer Dance, Yoga, Active Toddlers, Music, and Sports. Please check the  “Programs for Kids” section of this website for detailed information on available options. Our Program Specialists will gather information from you to identify which programs will be best for your students.

What is the cost of programs?

UGOT Active Kids programs are very competitively priced – especially when compared to other private third-party programs. Packages starts at $500, and pricing is based on duration and program type.

Does UGOT Active Kids have a physical location?

UGOT Active Kids headquarters office is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All classes take place inside schools and childcare centers across North America.

Who are your instructors and where do you find them?

UGOT Active Kids has a dedicated recruitment team that works to find the most talented and experienced instructors for each client. UGOT instructors are pre-eminent in their fields of instruction, many with impressive credentials including film, stage and television credits, international competition awards, or extensive professional training. Please check out “Who We Are” section of the website for more information.

How much advance notice do you need to book a class?

We appreciate 2-3 weeks notice to allow us to get the best instructor match for a specific school or center.

What grades and age groups can participate in UGOT Active Kids programs?

Our programs are designed for all ages, from toddlers to High School. The “About Programs” section of the website lists different program types available for specific ages.

Our school already has specialized teacher. Why would we consider working with UGOT Active Kids?

Even the most talented teachers like to use guest artists once in a while to keep content fresh and to introduce students to new experiences. We would be delighted to collaborate with your teachers.

The competition for gym time is fierce. Can you teach programs in a classroom?

Of course we can. As long as we know the space limitations ahead of time, our instructors can prepare appropriate activities and make all the necessary adjustments.

We have a special event coming up. Will the students be able to perform what they learned?

Students need a minimum of four lessons with us in order to stage a performance. This also requires that classroom teachers practice with them in between our visits and we have access to the performance space for rehearsals. Our instructor will consult with your teachers to determine what they would like to see and then structure the classes so that the students can achieve it. Additionally, we can arrange for our instructor to be there for the performance.

Can you provide insurance and police checks?

UGOT Active Kids has Liability Insurance. All our Instructors have a valid police check that can be presented to the school or center upon a request. 

We have some special needs students with physical limitations. Can they participate in the club?

Absolutely! We encourage special needs students to participate. We believe that all children, regardless of physical ability, gender, ethnicity or background, should have access to enrichment programs.

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