UGOT Active Kids Instructors

UGOT Active Kids employs more than 100 instructors throughout North America who specialize in multiple core disciplines, including dance, music, yoga, and sports.

Our instructors are pre-eminent in their fields of instruction, many with impressive credentials including film, stage and television credits, international competition awards, and extensive professional training. In addition to their talent, our instructors are selected for their extensive teaching experience and their ability to bring a pervasive sense of fun and enthusiasm to all UGOT Active Kids programs.

UGOT Active Kids instructor training program is designed to utilize the talent and unique experiences brought by each instructor while adhering to company’s philosophy, policies and procedures. Our instructors are provided access to the company’s proprietary choreography library, song lists and teaching resources to help them prepare exciting, engaging, and high-energy classes.

They are trained to deliver UGOT Active Kids programs, professionally and consistently, while having creative freedom. Our instructors come to you and have a valid Police Clearance.

Featured Instructor

Bryanna Dean, New York, NY
Dance & Sports

What our instructors say about being a part of UGOT Active Kids

I think you guys are a rock star company and you’re so fantastic! I love working for UGOT Active Kids. I feel so respected for what I bring to the table in this company and it makes me want to keep on giving!

Bailey Woodman

Dance & Yoga Instructor

I genuinely love what I do and feel blessed working as a UGOT Active Kids Team Member. I cannot thank you enough for all the opportunities.

Regina Ferrara

Dance & Yoga Instructor

Being a dancer and teacher in Toronto, UGOT Active Kids has been a phenomenal way to get experience teaching a wide range of students as well as build my confidence in a class room.

Kaitlind Gorman

Dance & Sports Instructor

Working so closely with the rest of the team has been consistently an enjoyable, energizing and rewarding element of my career over the past five years. The management team is nothing short of completely amazing. UAK is built on a solid loving foundation, driven to provide the best service and experience for every client, student, and teacher they work with.

Kaylan Shearer

Yoga & Dance Instructor