Learning Through Play, Dance and Yoga for Kids

Dance and Yoga Programs for Kids

Fewer Opportunities for Playful Activities

As we are moving forward with technological progress, it becomes more noticeable that our kids have fewer opportunities to engage in playful activities – storytelling, painting, singing, exploring, dancing, pretending, and imagining. Playful learning is a very important part of early childhood education and development, it is something that adults have an obligation to provide for their kids. Dance and Yoga programs for kids are great ways to introduce playful activities in childcare or school setting.

The Benefits of Active Play

Jessica Smock talks about the importance of active play and why kids deserve a preschool that lets them play. She does a great job explaining the benefits of enrolling children in schools that understand that play.

Dance and Yoga for Kids & Learning Through Play

Programs like UGOT Active Kids offer amazing high energy activities that focus on movement, arts, team building, and allowing children to explore and discover their talents through dance, yoga, music, and sports. Dance and Yoga for kids are excellent ways of reinforcing learning through play and using arts to help with academic instruction.


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