UGOT Active Kids has received numerous awards and personal accolades from school administrators, teachers and parents. Below, are just some of the comments UGOT has received from people whose children have participated in UGOT Active Kids programs.

From Schools & Childcare Organizations

“The dance program was great! The kids and staff all loved it and got right into it. Your instructor was excellent and handled the kids very well.”

Walter Perry PS

Toronto, Canada

“The workshop was great! All of our expectations were exceeded and your instructor was amazing!” 

Earnscliffe SPS

Brampton, ON, Canada

“Kemisha was able to switch from kindergarten to grade 4 to grade 6 and back down to grade one with ease. She was incredibly flexible and exceeded our expectations.” 

Brookmill JPS

Toronto, ON, Canada

“Emily was fantastic. Every teacher commented on how she was clear with the students, tough but yet fun. Two thumbs up. She especially had her work cut out for her because she was subbing in for a sick instructor. Absolutely we would consider using you again.“ 

Perth Avenue PS

Toronto, ON, Canada

“UGOT exceeded my expectations. Daniela was energetic, enthusiastic, patient, talented, and well prepared. I wouldn’t change a thing. It was another positive and fun learning experience. The students learned the skills and then applied them in their own group choreographed dance. I will be booking you again next year.” 

St. Joseph CS

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

“The program met our expectations and surpassed them. They kids had fun and learned to appreciate dance from a different culture.” 

Blacksmith PS

Toronto, ON, Canada

“10 out of 10 for adherence to the Arts Curriculum, educational value and cost. I liked how Kayla knew instinctively how to adapt each move to suit the age of the students.” 

Derry West Village PS

Mississauga, ON, Canada

“I thank you very much for your flexibility. You’re practically a contortionist. Yes, we love it. Lara is amazing. Teachers have said how fantastic she is with the kids!” 

Father Serra CS

Toronto, ON, Canada

“Keston was fantastic and had terrific rapport with our grade 7 girls and really challenged them with his choreography. He made them smile and laugh a ton! Thanks so much for providing such a great program!” 

University of Toronto Schools

Toronto, ON, Canada

“Our school used UGOT Active Kids’s yoga instructors to introduce yoga to our students from grades SK-8. Both teachers (Kaylan and Genera) were wonderful. They built on the strengths of the students and incorporated relaxation and poses to create a calm but engaging atmosphere. They were both willing to work with our curriculum and were open to suggestions. The classes were physically challenging at times and very relaxing at others, which created a perfect balance. The students really benefited from the program and we plan on using them again next year!” 

Kingsway College School

Toronto, ON, Canada

“The dance instructor and instruction has been amazing.  The feedback from students and staff has been incredibly positive.  Vlad is awesome!” 

George Street PS

Toronto, ON, Canada

“We’d like to thank you again for the opportunity of having your talented choreographer (Brooke) working with our students at MPJ. Her enthusiasm, passion and care of dancing was evident in all her sessions. The kids felt very natural around her and by far her talent and skill ability of teaching shone at everything that she did with them.” 

Msgr Percy Johnson

Toronto, ON, Canada

“UGOT Active Kids has been an excellent addition to our daycare’s programming. Our children have learned about Yoga, different dancing styles, music and rhythm through a few of the classes that UAK offers. Whenever there is a change with our schedule they have been very accommodating and cooperative. Kylie is a fabulous instructor and she loves what she does!! We are lucky to have her for the last 2 years”

Fair Haven

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Diana was really great with the kids and the choreography was very appropriate for our little ones. We all enjoyed the program!”

Sunnybrae PS

Innisfil, ON, Canada

From Parents

“Our kids have been participating for a couple of years now, every session. Monday’s performance and presentation of the Music “Video” the kids made in this session literally had me bawling in my seat. It was AMAZING. I just loved it!!!”

Shannon Couch

“My daughter really enjoys the program and showed me a few cool moves at home. I think the program is good as it is affordable, time saving and good for their physical activities.” 

Helen Hou

“We have two sons who both enjoy the dance program and have attended for the second or third year. I personally find the staff of UGOT Active Kids – both in the office and in the school – very friendly, helpful, lovable and easy to deal with in all situations. It is an overall great experience for both parents and kids.” 

Julia Beshto

“My son is very proud of his new dance ‘skills’. I love the fact that he’s gained more confidence in himself.” 

Hilary Trent

“My daughter loves to dance. This is a great opportunity for her to learn dance moves and be with other kids at the same time. This is also an opportunity for her to build up her confidence. The music and dance steps are good, modern and easy for her to catch on. Excellent program overall.” 

Aida Go

“As a stay-at-home-parent I have been grateful that my son stays at school once a week and is involved in a great enrichment program.” 

Susana Molinolo

“I understand from our principal that you sponsor children in our school who cannot afford to participate and that you include a great many Special Needs students. I think it is absolutely fabulous that you are inclusive in every sense of the word.”

Nora Green