Yoga @ Work for Fitness and Team Building!

UGOT Active Kids Presents YOGA AT WORK designed to bring the benefits of Yoga practice into your workplace. Let us create a custom ONSITE Yoga program that will improve employee morale and productivity while promoting optimal health and harmony. Our instructors are Yoga experts with impressive credentials, training and a wealth of experience.

There are many benefits to our YOGA AT WORK PROGRAM including:

  • Improved energy and focus, leading to a boost in performance levels
  • Creating a sense of teamwork and connectedness
  • Reduced stress, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Improved decision making, creativity, and productivity

We will be happy to create a custom program based on your budget, schedule, and space:

  • Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly classes to one-time events
  • Flexible scheduling (early mornings, lunch time, or after-work arrangements)
  • Variety of programs to work with your space (try our Chair Yoga series if space is limited!)

YOGA AT WORK provides a convenient and affordable way for your employees to be healthier and happier.

Contact us today to see how YOGA AT WORK can help you revitalize your workforce!

Phone Inquiries: 888-224-7774 ext.229

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