Yoga Programs

for Pre-School, Kindergarten and School Age Children

Yoga is a gentle way to build body strength and flexibility in growing bodies while instilling calm and focus. By the end of this class, children will feel focused and ready for the rest of their day of learning.

Kids Yoga is designed for the young thinker by using specific poses, new challenges, and breathing exercises. Yoga lessons are fun and active, starting with a 5-minute introduction on the day’s theme, followed by a warm-up, games, postures, visualization, and relaxation time.

It is not uncommon to hear children giggling with glee as they practice Bunny Breath, Butterfly, Downward Dog, Cat Stretch, and Cobra.

Benefits of Yoga for Children

  • Improves concentration and focus.
  • Develops brain, intellect and coordination.
  • Promotes balance, flexibility, and strength.
  • Helps cope with stress and difficult emotions.
  • Helps them develop calmness.

Yoga Basics

This program is great for beginners, introducing simple poses with lots of positive reinforcement and repetition to help children learn and improve balance, breath, and flexibility.

Jungle Adventure Yoga

This series is designed to captivate every student through the exciting theme of jungle animals. It incorporates playful balances, yoga games and partner/group activities that get kids relaxed and happy.

Farm Stories Yoga

Learn Yoga while taking a journey to the imaginary Animal Farm! Children love taking on the qualities of different animals and being a part of the imaginative animal stories.

Peace & Love Yoga

Explore the concepts of love, peace, friendship, and happiness through simple yoga poses and breathing techniques.

Ocean Yoga

Enjoy the benefits of Yoga while exploring fun poses inspired by ocean creatures and marine life.

Beach Yoga

Bring the beach to your classroom through movement, imaginary play, and beach inspired yoga poses and activities.